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Puppy YorkieCuddy and affectionate the Yorkshire Terrier or the Yorkie puppy ranks as the 6th most popular dog breed today according to the American Kennel Club. These delicate but vigorous creatures originated from England and were initially developed to catch rats in clothing mills, also used for rat-baiting in the 19th century.

The Yorkie puppies‘ distinctive traits include being lively and free-spirited and will spend their time running back and forth always moving about. Like real-life toys, Yorkie puppies Yorkie pUppiessometimes sport blue and tan coat which is parted between its face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. Like hair, its fur hangs straight and evenly. Its body looks clean and compact.  The ideal look of its coat must be glossy, fine, straight, and silky.

Many prospective new pet owners are looking for Yorkie puppies for sale because of the breed’s good looks and perky attitude. A daily satisfying walk can be a happy activity for Yorkie puppies.  They are a smart breed that loves the company of other dogs almost just as much as their owners.

yorkie puppies for saleThe typically active, very overprotective Yorkie puppies are curious and loves attention. They are mentally sound, emotionally secure loves to be treated like a baby. Spend time with a Yorkshire puppy to keep its loyalty at maximum level always. Generally loyal, Yorkie puppies have an inherent desire to play and move about around its owner.

Some may look for Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale due to unique size that most pet owners find appealing. Teacup Yorkie puppies are the unusually small specimens of Yorkshire terriers. Teacup Yorkies usually weigh anywhere between 2 and 4 pounds and puppies may even literally fit a teacup. Generally healthy and easy to take care of. Yorkie puppies need special care as an accidental step on the poor puppy may be dangerously fatal.

If you are decided in getting your own Yorkie puppies, be sure to check a list of breeders here which currently have Yorkie puppies for sale.

Yorkie PuppiesIf you want to get free Yorkie puppies instead, you may check with your local animal shelter to check for any available Yorkie puppies for adoption. One great option to check is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This non-profit organization is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals.While it is based in New York City, they have several adoption centers nationwide where you can visit and adopt Yorkie puppies for free.

Operation Paws for Homes, which also works to protect animals from cruelty, has offices in  Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Central Pennsylvania. If you want to check out Yorkie puppies for adoption, you can read through their guide here.

Yorkie puppies make for awesome companions. Always remember that once you get your own Yorkie puppy, you must provide tender loving care to your new family member.

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