Rottweiler Puppies

Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler PuppiesWild and adventurous, Rottweiler puppies rank as the10th most popular dog breed today according to the American Kennel Club. These loving and loyal companions which originated from Germany were they were used to herd livestock and pull carts with butchered meat in the mid-19th Century, earning them their nickname “”Rottweil butchers’ dogs.”

The Rottweiler puppies‘ distinctive features are their black coat with defined rust markings. and homeliness make for a very appealing choice as a pet. They have a huge frame with muscular but compact build showing strength, agility and endurance. An average full grown Rottweiler pup stands 61 to 69cm while the weight about 40 to 50 kg.

Rottweiler PuppiesMany aspiring pet buyers are looking for Rottweiler puppies for sale because of the breed’s powerful appearance which does not lack nobility and is very well suited to being a companion. Rottweilers are not only smart dogs but also physically appealing as well.

The typically good-natured Rottweiler are known to be very devoted, obedient and eager to work around people. They are self-assured, steady, fearless and react to their surroundings with great alertness. Be sure to give the rottweiler pup a workout at least two times a day.

Rottweiler PuppySome may look for German Rottweiler puppies for sale due to some qualities they posses. They are generally healthy and easy to take care of. Rottweilers are now used as search and rescue dogs, as guide dogs or the blind. Some Rottweilers are also used as guard dogs or police dogs, and in other roles.

Generally alert, Rottweiler puppies have an inherent desire to protect home and family, and is a smart breed of hardness and amazing adaptability. They have a powerful desire to work, making them especially suited as a companion, guardian and general all-purpose dog.

It is also an important thing to remember in raising a Rottweiler puppy is that they have super fast-growing nails that must be trimmed regularly so that nail overgrowth can be avoided.

Rottweiler PuppyRottweiler puppies require a great deal of activity that as owners, you need to keep pace with. This temperament makes them very suitable as guardians and protectors.

Known as trusted companion dogs, Rottweiler puppies are also “people” dogs and is advised to be in constant company of the owner. Rottweilers tend to follow the owner from room to room, because it prefers to constantly see its favorite person all the time. It is best to treat him as a real part of a family instead of a pet.

If you are decided in getting your own Rottweiler puppy, be sure to check a list of breeders here which currently have Rottweiler puppies for sale.

If you want to get free Rottweiler puppies instead, you may check with your local animal shelter to check for any available Rottweiler puppies for adoption. One great option to check is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This non-profit organization is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals.While it is based in New York City, they have several adoption centers nationwide where you can visit and adopt Rottweiler puppies for free:

Operation Paws for Homes, which also works to protect animals from cruelty, has offices in  Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Central Pennsylvania. If you want to check out Rottweiler puppies for adoption, you can read through their guide here.

Rottweiler puppies make for loyal pets. Always remember that once you get your own Rottweiler, is like having a watchful guardian family member.

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