Great Dane Puppies

Great Dane Puppies

Great Dane PuppiesDependable, friendly and patient, Great Dane puppies were initially developed by the Germans as boar hounds. Known for their enormous body, Great Danes are one of the tallest breeds of dog. The breed usually seeks affection from its owners.  It is ranked as the 15th most popular dog breed today according to the American Kennel Club. These proud, poised creatures are well known for a stature that embodies dignity, power and strength due to its huge size and a muscular, well-formed, perfectly toned body.

great dane puppies for saleGreat Dane puppies are above average-sized, and have a distinct short coat that vary in color. Great Danes have recognizable floppy, triangle-shaped ears. A long time ago, when Great Danes were used as boar hounds, their ears were cropped to avoid taking injuries during hunts. Today, cropping of Danes’ ears are still done for cosmetic reasons.

Great Dane PuppyThe Great Dane puppies provide a sense of strength and bravery due to its regal stature.Referred to as a gentle giant, Great Danes temperament is described as friendly and they are known to constantly seek affection from their owners.

Many prospective dog owners look for Great Dane puppies for sale because of the breed’s large size and family-friendly nature. Great Dane puppies are known to be very loyal throughout their lives to their owners. They are comfortable to be around other people or animals. This breed is known to not get along well with other breeds. If managed carefully, Great Dane puppies can adapt to its new habitat well.

Great Dane puppiesGreat Dane puppies are athletic and alert. While mostly an outdoor pet, Great Dane puppies can still stay relaxed indoors and are great inside apartments. Great Dane puppies may require regular Vet visitations to ensure that its needs are met accordingly. Make sure to give your Great Dane puppies proper nutrition as well.

Some may look for Blue Great Dane puppies for sale due to its rare coat color. Blue Great Dane puppies are just a shade variation of Great Dane puppies. Great Dane puppies usually grow up to 76 cm in height. Generally healthy and easy to take care of, Great Dane puppies has a coat that require very low maintenance.

If you are decided in getting your own Great Dane puppies, be sure to check a list of breeders here which currently have Great Dane puppies for sale.

great dane puppies for saleIf you want to get free Great Dane puppies instead, you may check with your local animal shelter to check for any available Great Dane puppies for adoption. One great option to check is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This non-profit organization is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals.While it is based in New York City, they have several adoption centers nationwide where you can visit and adopt Great Dane puppies for free:

Operation Paws for Homes, which also works to protect animals from cruelty, has offices in  Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Central Pennsylvania. If you want to check out Great Dane puppies for adoption, you can read through their guide here.

Great Dane puppies make for affectionate and very loyal companions. Always remember that once you get your own Great Dane puppy, provide enough time and attention to keep your new family member well-loved and appreciated.

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